Labels – Blank, Pre-printed and Specialty Labels

BTS manufactured customized blank, pre-printed, specialty labels in a wide range of surface type (from paper to film-based) for various applications and industries. We evaluate the environmental conditions, adhesive strength, surface type, user application and scanning requirements to provide the label solution that meet customers’ specific needs.

Blank Labels

We are capable of producing customized blank labels in various form and die-cuts to be used in different printers and applications such as barcode printers, laser printers, inkjet printers, dot matrix printers, photocopiers, applicators and systems, etc.

Pre-Printed Labels

Get high quality customized pre-printed labels for different applications and industries such as sequentially numbered barcoded labels, product labels, retail tags, shipping and packaging labels, inventory and asset tags, safety compliance stickers, name tag and many more. These labels are available in different colors, die-cuts, sizes, shapes and adhesives.

Specialty Labels

Many applications require specialty labels with either a particular type of surface type, adhesive strength and liner that are designed to meet its unique needs. At BTS, our strong knowledge in the printing industries and collective experience over the years has enable us to produce complex and intricate labels – many designed for specific applications.

RFID Labels

Radio- frequency identification( RFID) labels are the growing trends for Auto-ID tracking solution. Our RFID labels come in different sizes, frequencies such as UHF (Ultra High Frequency). HF (High Frequency) & LF (Low Frequency) and can be affixed to a variety of surfaces. While these labels are all paper-based material, there are also film based material for more rugged environments. RFID labels are commonly used for access control, data centre management, document & record tracking, livestock tracking, asset tracking, consumer goods distribution and many other applications.

EAS Labels & Tags

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) labels & tags are widely used by companies around the world for anti-theft protection or unauthorized removal of properties. EAS hard tags are environmental-friendly reusable tags and must be removed by a special remover whereas, EAS labels are disposal but provides more flexibility as it can be attached to most products. BTS EAS labels and tags supports both RF (eg.8.2mhz) and AM/DR (eg.58khz) frequency and are available in a variety of formats, frequencies and size to meet virtually every needs for in-store application and source tagging at the point of manufacturing.

Types of Labels & Tags

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