Labels – Clinical, Healthcare and Laboratory Labels

BTS has a wide range of clinic, healthcare and laboratory labels for biomedical, biotech and
biopharmaceutical laboratories as well as clinical trial labelling.
You can choose from our wide selection of cryo and deep-freeze labels for PCR tubes and frozen vials
for -80°C and liquid nitrogen storage; xylene and solvent resistant labels for microscope slides and
paraffin wax blocks used in histology; blood bag labels; autoclave resistant labels and much more to
meet your application requirement.

Cryogenic Labels

We have Cryogenic labels suitable for thermal transfer, direct thermal, laser and inkjet printers.
Cryogenic labels are specifically design to resist extreme cryogenic temperatures (eg. -196°C in liquid or
vapor phase liquid nitrogen; -269°C in liquid helium for thermal transfer printing) and its strong
permanent cryo adhesive allows labels to adhere to wet surfaces. Subject to its print technology used,
cryogenic labels are also chemical resistant.

Deep-Freeze Labels

Our thermal transfer Deep-Freeze labels are widely use for storage in ultra-low temperature freezers
(-80°C), and transportation in dry ice. Its freezer grade adhesive allows labels to adhere to wet and humid

Xylene & Chemical Resistant Labels

We provide different types of Xylene & Chemical Resistant labels that support temperature range from
-196°C to +150°C subject to its print technology which are widely used in histology (ideal for microscope
slides, paraffin wax embedded tissue cassettes, etc) and cytology laboratories. It is also waterproof and abrasion resistant.

Autoclave Resistant Labels

We have Autoclave Resistant labels suitable for thermal transfer, laser and inkjet printers. These Autoclave
Resistant labels are able to withstand a wide range of temperature from -60°C to +150°C (subject to print
technology). It is designed for use in steam autoclaves, dry heat ovens and gamma irradiators and can
adhere to a variety of surfaces, including metal, plastic and glass.

Specialized Tags

We provide printable tags for high-profile PCR Tubes, Strips & Plates that withstand temperature range of
-196°C to +150°C, Cryogenic tags designed to hang from metal racks and resist extreme cryogenic
temperatures -196°C to +80°C as well as adhesive-free Formalin Resistant tags for thermal transfer
printers that are able to withstand direct exposure to harsh chemicals and solvents, long-term immersion
and storage in liquid preservations.

Healthcare Labels

With years of experience in labelling solutions, we have wide range of healthcare labels such as syringes
labels, maintenance & calibration labels, blood bank labels, diagnostic & medical imaging labels,
laboratory warning labels, etc that meets your application requirement.

Laboratory Tapes

We supply wide range of cryogenic tapes for laboratory use, frozen surfaces and metal rack, cryogenic

lamination tapes, adhesive-free cryogenic seal tapes, translucent colour freezer tapes, cryogenic tamper-
evident & destructible tapes to meet different application requirement.

Contact our team of experts to help you customize the right label for your application.