Industrial Solutions

We share your vision, goals and challenges and consistently invest in new technology and update our solutions as necessary to ensure we are adapting to your changing needs and market dynamics. Our goal is to help our customers to achieve their business objectives.

At BTS, we believe in understanding your needs and working together with you to develop the best solution that are both cost and operation efficient.

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Our Approach

Adding Value for our customer

One Stop Solution

We provide one-stop solution including hardware – barcode label printers, scanners; its consumables – labels & ribbon and technical support to give you a convenience and hassle-free experience.

Types of Applications



Patient registration & ID tracking, hospital admission, lab specimen & blood labelling, medication tracking, food labelling, medicine identification, staff ID & access control and healthcare materials management

logistics new-01-01


Item tagging & identification, freight tracking, carton/pallet labelling, warehousing labelling, shipping/receiving, distribution, inventory control and document management.



Parts and Product identification and marking, work-in-process tracking, carton/pallet labelling, shipping/receiving labelling, quality & inventory control and materials management



Point of sale, shelf labelling, product identification & marking, price tag printing and receipt/coupon printing