Thermal Transfer Ribbons – Wax, Wax-Resin and Resin

Thermal transfer ribbons are classified in three categories: Wax, Wax/Resin and Resin, which support printing on various surface types – either on paper, synthetics, tags or speciality materials. At BTS, we can customized the sizes to meet your application requirement.

Wax Ribbon

Wax ribbon is usually used for printing onto paper surface and is less against smudge, scratch chemical and environmental resistance.

Wax-Resin Ribbon

Wax- Resign ribbon is a combination of wax and resin based colorant substances in which resin substances hold a greater percentage and require printing at a higher heat setting then wax ribbon. Wax-Resin ribbon is especially designed for coated papers and synthetics with application range from outdoor use to labels for the food industry.

Resin Ribbon

Resin ribbon require printing at a higher heat setting but the resultant printing images bear a very high resistance to chemicals, heat, abrasion resistance and other environmental conditions. Resin ribbons are best suited for use in harsh environments like chemical drum labels, medical and pharmaceutical labelling, as well as industrial and automotive applications.

Types of Thermal Transfer Ribbon

Our ribbons are suitable for use with al brand of thermal transfer printers but each surface type uses different ribbon type, thus, it is important to choose the right ribbon for your surface type to ensure you get the clearest and longest lasting print for your application.

Contact our team of experts to help you select the right ribbon for your application.

Thermal Transfer Ribbon Reference Guide

BTS 116
BTS 552
(Near Edge)
Wax Resin
BTS 221
Wax Resin
BTS 229
Wax Resin
BTS 332
BTS 339
Uncoated Tag X X X
Coated Tag X X X
Coated X X X X
Woodfree X X X
Mirror-Coat X X X X
Polypropylene (non-topcoat) X X X X
Polypropylene (topcoat) X X X X
Vinyl (topcoat) X X
Polyethylene X X X X
Polystyrene X X
Polyolefin X X X X X X
Polyesters (gloss topcoat) X X X
Polyesters (matte topcoat) X X X
Tyvek X X X
Veleron X X
Note: This information is for reference only & is subject to change without prior notice.